Quality products are built on quality data.

I work with Founders and Operators of brands that create physical products.

Brands gain traction by creating products people want and finding one or two channels that enable them to generate profitable growth consistently.

Depending on the strengths of your founding team, there will be a point on that journey where you realise you need to start to master operations and leverage the right technology to scale. Once it starts happening, you don't get to set it and forget it.

Adapting your people, processes, and technology requires constant iteration - you must remain agile.

The Operating System App

I diagnose and understand the problems Founders and Operators face in their business and do this within a custom app that has a database of 521 operational processes.

The software makes it easy to compare best practices and match patterns across product, marketing and customer experience.

When you choose technology for your business, you get to choose from a very limited consideration set, and it is easy to be swayed by the crowd's wisdom and vendors who spend the most on sales and marketing.

I have reviewed 700+ software vendors and will take down your requirements across multiple teams and shortlist proven solutions in a fraction of the time it would take a full-time business analyst who costs £60-£80K per year. Saving time on reviewing software increases the speed of decision-making. It keeps you focused on your business rather than becoming an expert in buying something you'll only procure once or twice in the lifetime of your brand.

The key to getting tech right is to look around the corner at what is coming. The idea of building a roadmap isn't familiar to most brands. I organise my recommendations on best practice solutions and custom no-code apps into a priority order to match your business strategy and planned changes.

Building a scalable tech stack and operational model is down to consistently making the right choices. My typical client engagement lasts 6+ months, but most of the effort, time and money is invested in the first 6-8 weeks.

Helping software vendors serve you better.  

I partner closely with the Founders of software vendors to help them understand my customer's needs and guide their roadmaps where I can to help fix problems that aren't being addressed. I was part of the founding team at Peoplevox, an ecommerce warehouse management system. We scale from bootstrapped to £20M exit over ten years, and I try to share my learnings from doing that with the Founders and Product leaders serving my clients to help them get ahead in the market and take you with them.

Product-first Founders

Your brand needs to revolve around the product. My most vital differentiator is an intimate knowledge of product strategy, product operations and all the processes that take a product from initial concepts to launch.

New product innovation drives your flywheel and runs across multiple teams that often touch the product in a silo.

Physical product companies can learn a lot by looking at the way digital product companies have evolved. It would help if you found ways to shorten your feedback loops with your customers and increase the quality of the feedback they receive.

Great products are easier to market, creating happier customers who buy again and tell others to do the same.