Before you put in an ERP, do this first.

Before you put in an ERP, do this first.
Give your google sheets a home before you try to house their data in an ERP.

ERP is not fit-for-purpose as a single source of truth for product information.

Thinking it unleashes hell on your ERP implementation and your team.

If your ERP is the source of truth for product information, it must have all the information related to a product.

Digital marketing is a critical pillar in any ecommerce growth strategy.

ERP product data models weren’t designed for the complexity of product information across digital channels.

Without good product information to push your products across advertising channels and marketplaces, your team is reduced to being data monkeys trying to manipulate product data in google sheets to get products listed.

ERP doesn’t optimise the workflows around product data; it creates new ones.

This means ERP as a system of record for product = more sheets, not less.

Do not buy an ERP to eliminate your google sheets empire.

If your ERP project is stalling because of product data issues, you probably ignored the dark stack when you scoped this thing.

Speaking to product dev or production wasn’t necessary. They’ll barely need to use the ERP.

But they are the source of all the data your system of record relies on.

Product is the source of truth - talk to them.

Oliver Rhodes

Oliver Rhodes