You are what you do

You are what you do
Workshops, visualising systems and mapping workflows to propose creative, affordable and results focused solutions with brands from £1M to whatever you like.

Selected examples of our work.

Streamline the Product Lifecycle workflows across teams for a luxury women's dress brand.

  • Automated BOM / Tech Pack creation workflow.
  • Centralised four disconnected Google Sheets / Excel critical path/launch trackers into one Launch Planner.
  • Streamlined the process for getting product data into NetSuite from two weeks to 4-hours.
  • Delivered in eight weeks versus 3-4 months for an Enterprise PLM.
  • £35/user per month versus £250/mth for Centric PLM.

Turning Ten Google Sheets into one Airtable app to automate Product Information into Shopify.

  • Custom Ecommerce checklist workflow.
  • Import workflow to take in data from Backbone PLM.
  • Delivered in five weeks.
  • £350/month running cost versus £30,000+ for a comparable PIM.

Selecting an ERP / Inventory Management System for the new Ecommerce operation of a furniture and lighting brand.

  • Integration to three 3PLs.
  • Allocating on-order inventory to specific sales orders.
  • Working to a £60K year one total tech budget.