About Me

Hey there,

It is great to find you in my corner of the internet.

I'm Oliver Rhodes, Co-Founder of Nolo Apps, an Airtable Agency that builds Apps and integrates them into the existing tech stacks of product-driven brands.

I believe that low-code and no-code software can empower operators in Retail, Ecommerce, and Wholesale to build an operating system for their business that outperforms brands that rely on Gsheets and buy cookie-cutter software.

Before Co-Founding Nolo Apps, I worked in one business for 10 years, from a bootstrapped startup to an exit for £20M.

Peoplevox is a warehouse management software for e-commerce brands now owned and delivered by Descartes Systems Group.

At some point, I did everything except write code at Peoplevox, and ultimately, I was responsible for sales and marketing from our Series A in 2014 to our exit in 2020.

I've been involved in the ecommerce tech ecosystem for 14 years. I like to watch it evolve and learn about new software opportunities, and my encyclopaedic knowledge of the tech landscape is golddust.

After leaving Descartes Systems in 2021, I worked for 12 months for a startup that built software to streamline the product development cycle.

At SupplyCompass, I got an insight into how brands operate behind the scenes and why low-code software, specifically Airtable, is the perfect partner for Shopify in a brand's tech stack.

In April 2021, we started building Airtable apps for Jaded LDN, RIXO and Hype.

Now, I'm on a mission to empower 1,000+ Operators to build their systems using our proven Airtable apps and workflow framework.

I share real-time insights on this blog and newsletter.

It’s ace to meet you.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.

See you soon,