Tech Stacks in Ten Minutes

I run weekly office hours for Founders and Operators who need input on their tech stack or operations.

They're 10-minute ask-me-anything sessions. Please bring me a problem, idea, or issue and let's work it out.

If you're considering bringing in a consultant to help on tech or ops, test the water with me, and I'll point you in the direction of someone who can help. This micro-workshop is a great way to start that process, for free.

Curious to know more about what this looks like? Watch a tech stack solution workshop on a common challenge brands face - navigating away from an all-in-one system that you've reached the end of the road on.

60-Minute Solution Workshop

In 1-hour tech stack workshop, I will map your current tech stack and ensure you are designing a workflow for your team that manages data, automates steps and is easy to use.

I'll include the pros and cons of different routes and set you up with a game plan for finalising your decisions and any risks you can mitigate against.

The vendor discovery calls and demos alone will take up 2-3 hours of your time.

Expand the consideration set to 2 or 3; you've lost a day. Unsure what software category or type you even need? Multiply the day by the number of different solutions you review, and we're burning weeks making the decision and losing months by delaying the change.

What I tend to find is that usually, you're trying to:

✅ Confirm whether the existing systems are as bad as you think

✅ Come up with ideas on solutions that are better than what you've found

✅ Recommend vendors for categories we have no idea about

My unfair advantage is that I've looked through every piece of tech, Google Sheets/Excel and PowerPoint used across 50+ brands.

Every conversation I have, I get some new insider information - issues with this vendor or a missing feature with that.