Stop playing Recommendations Roulette

To answer solution-focused questions, you need to understand where a business is, where it wants to go and what obstacles will prevent them from getting there.

People ask questions in communities and forums like:

Which ERP should we use?
What WMS do you recommend?
Do we need an inventory management system?
What inventory planning system do you use for Shopify?
How do you manage pricing changes for marketing campaigns?

And everyone answers the question with the same answer.

"We use XYZ, and it is great."

No one asks any more questions to help diagnose the root cause of the issues.

Sometimes a salesperson chimes in to recommend their thing.

The same question gets asked over and over. Each time a different set of answers. Varying quality.

Recommendations Roulette. 🤯🔫

Your business is not a bathrobe.

The economy is different
Your margins are not the same
You have a different team and skillset
Your strategy is unique to your business
Your existing tech stack is not their tech stack
The problems you want to solve are impacting you differently

Experts ask questions to gather the context they make recommendations.

If people recommend without context, you need to ask if they are trying to do what is best for your business or just telling you what they know.

Oliver Rhodes

Oliver Rhodes