We made a thing and launched it today.

We made a thing and launched it today.

I started this blog in 2022 to help me translate what I observed from my tech consultancy work with Ecommerce brands.

Out of my intent to write more and in this format were fully formed concepts like The Dark Stack, which have resonated with people and validated we were onto something.

I also shared Tech Stack PRO, a template for Miro that included a bunch of tech stack templates I'd created working with brands and then anonymised. Feedback on that was awesome, and I will publish an updated version when I have some creative capacity.

Nolo Apps

Nolo Apps has become my full focus, a blend of tech advisory and roadmapping with a unique ingredient, custom Airtable apps.

In a feedback session with one of my tech advisory clients, it became apparent that I didn't know precisely what my offering was. Once you have a tech stack, what happens next?

Our Website & Brand is now LIVE

The answer is now Nolo Apps.

I co-founded the business with Vic; I did the talking, and she did the building. We turned PRO in August last year when we hired Aigner, then Benji (both Ex-Airtable), and now, adding Ferdie to the team as COO, we've evolved into a fully-fledged business.

I spent the last half of 2023 dragging us a bit wayward strategically because my software-building history yearned for clarity around what we're building. Frank, valuable feedback from clients was that they want service, not products, and the magic of Airtable is we can build custom stuff. Software vendors hate doing that.

Positioning-wise, this gave me tremendous clarity.

In every software category our custom apps compete in, we have a clear differentiator - our solution is CUSTOM. Operators get greater control, ownership and agility from collaborating with us on building solutions.

Launching our Nolo Apps website and brand identity is a significant milestone for our business. I've always dreamed of doing a creative project like this, and I am sincerely proud of what we've put out into the world.

What is great about it is that the quality of the front-end execution is easily matched by what we're doing behind the scenes with our client work.

I want to thank the early adopters and champions who have backed us from the start. We are here because you are willing to work with us and believe we can figure this out.

All the referrals, intros and LinkedIn DMs are the engine that has helped us create this thing. Keep them coming, please, because whilst the website looks great, it will only convert people to realise we exist. 😉

Thanks for your support and for following along, the journey is starting to get interesting now 😎

Thanks, Oliver

PS. Interested in booking time in to find out more, do that here.

Oliver Rhodes

Oliver Rhodes