This person doesn't exist

This person doesn't exist
A pointless search has begun and will probably never end.

This person doesn't exist.

But if you do, you know what to do.

Ecommerce Operations like the back of your hand.

You've worked in-house for a brand. Or you've had years doing pre-sales/advisory or implementation (like me).

Fricking love Airtable and building stuff on it makes you BUZZ.

That fine blend of technical enough to build solutions but personable sufficient to manage someone's expectations whilst knowing when to hold the line or be amenable.

You know you could work in-house at a brand and build systems for them. You also understand that you can get more of certain things if you are working on the services/vendor side.

More variety.
More flexibility.
More growth opportunities.
Technical challenges.

It's not more of these things if you're working front row on a rocket ship. You know, like a Passenger, waterdrop®, REFY or Huel.

But often, Operators like you can build the plane faster than you need to be able to fly it. The challenge feels impossible on day one. By day 401, you will feel you've delivered your highest value.

That's how we feel, too.

But then we're working with loads of other brands we can sink our teeth into. We can apply what we've learnt again - do it even better next time.

That feedback loop and progression excites me about what we're doing at Nolo Apps.

We've got space for one more person from June/July onwards.

But they probably don't exist.

Do they?!

Oliver Rhodes

Oliver Rhodes