To get to Point B, you need to know exactly where you are, Point A so you can correctly identify the obstacles you need to overcome.

To get to Point B, you need to know exactly where you are, Point A so you can correctly identify the obstacles you need to overcome.
500+ ecommerce tools categorised by team, business model and mapped against 402 operational processes.

Sustainable progress is only possible by identifying where you are, Point A, where you want to be, Point B and the obstacle preventing you from getting there.

Helping to diagnose problems correctly is what I enjoy doing but I am limited in my capacity to do this because I have been relying on speaking to every Founder and Operator and asking them to invest 2-3 hours per workshop participant in order for me to deliver a complete end-to-end operational review of their business.

The thing is when you workshop 10-15 different teams in a brand you realise that each team is at a different stage of problem-solving. I just love getting to the root cause of the issue and then helping teams to find and validate solutions.

So the question I have been trying to answer is this:

How could Founders & Operators who can self-diagnose and are potentially already reviewing solutions do this without speaking with me?

My hunch is the answer lies in being able to share my process with them and removing the friction that prevents them from doing it. Because if you're an Operator at a fashion brand and your CEO decides to launch Jewellery it would be pretty awesome to pivot the Operational Process list and see all the things to consider...and maybe all the tools that could help.

Since I offered my Miro board of tech stacks I've had 10 or so people contact me and ask for a copy and the CMO of one high-growth brand build out their entire tech stack. Wow, I thought. How many more people could I help if I really try to make these tools available to as many people as possible?

Because the thing is, mapping where you are is Point A. You still need to identify the obstacle and chart a course for Point B. And people are still going to need help with that, I believe.

I'm showing anyone who will give me feedback my database of 500+ ecommerce tools, a list of 402 Operational Processes and/or documents and giving away my tech stack diagrams.

The vast majority of people selling to ecommerce brands don't know ecommerce inside out - so perhaps these tools will help. It is on both Founders/Operators and Vendors to educate our teams and enable them to create solutions together that maximise the value for the ecosystem win-win.

Oliver Rhodes

Oliver Rhodes